Spare Parts Brand : LEMFÖRDER

Electronically Switchable Engine Mounts

Intelligent Active Engine Damping

The requirements for engine mounts are becoming more demanding. Modern engines work with cylinder shutdown, higher compression and speed reduction. They are designed to save fuel, keep up with the latest driving dynamics and to offer maximum comfort in the passenger compartment. This means minimal noise and vibration. With the self-developed 'active engine mount system', LEMFÖRDER exceeds these requirements. Electronically switchable engine mounts by LEMFÖRDER convince in every situation.

Electronically switchable engine mounts by LEMFÖRDER increase the possibilities of conventional hydraulic engine mounts. If you extend a hydromount with an actuator, equip it with sensors and a control unit, it can be actively controlled - according to the current requirements - and can adapt to any situation. Depending on the motor excitation frequency, the motor mount dampens either hydraulically, passively or actively. The isolation characteristic is calculated by the control unit and converted by the actuator so that no vibration is transmitted to the subframe of the car.

Electronically switchable engine mounts by LEMFÖRDER: this is intelligently designed engine suspension for today's and tomorrow's generation of engines.