Spare Parts Brand : LEMFÖRDER

Rubber-to-metal Components in the Chassis

For Stability and Safe Steering

How does the vehicle respond in the event of road unevenness, braking under maximum load and evasive maneuvers? The elastic connection of premium rubber-to-metal components between the individual chassis components has a decisive impact on this. LEMFÖRDER rubber bearings for the chassis ensure sound absorption, ideal steering behavior and driving stability, even in critical situations. The product range consists of suspension strut mounts and all different kinds of axle bearings. In the case of the axle bearings, a distinction is made between link mounts, axle beam mounts, subframe bearings and stabilizer mounts. In addition to the ball joint, the rubber-bonded metal mount is the most important type of joint in the wheel guidance of the chassis. It forms the elastic connection between the individual chassis components, such as the control arm and the vehicle body or the axle carrier. Through the specific sizing and shaping of these parts, it is possible to influence the tuning of the chassis.

Rubber-to-metal components have a decisive influence on driving characteristics and driving safety. The vulcanized connection between the metal and rubber transfers compression and shear forces and simultaneously insulates oscillations, vibrations and structure-borne noise. They are used where flexible but also damping connections are required at the same time: Up to 15 different rubber-to-metal components are installed in a passenger car.