Spare Parts Brand : LEMFÖRDER

Stabilizing Sway Bar Links

High-tech for front and rear axle

A key component to maintaining a vehicle’s stability on a curve incline or driving on uneven surfaces is the cohesive and reliable interaction of all chassis components. LEMFÖRDER stabilizer links, also known as sway bar links, transmit forces between the chassis and bodywork and ensure maximum driving comfort at all times.

Depending on the type of construction, stabilizer links in the front axle and/or in the rear axle of the vehicle create the necessary connections which guarantee an optimal interaction of wheel guide and stabilizer. Sway is minimized, thus ensuring steady and safe road holding.

As an alternative to conventional steel stabilizer links, LEMFÖRDER has developed sway bar links made of weight-saving high-tech materials to production maturity. A lightweight innovation from ZF, for example, is a pendulum support in hybrid construction. It is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), polyamide and high-strength steel. The intelligent mix of materials reduces weight without making the product more expensive. In the development of electric vehicles in particular, the aim is to reduce weight in order to ultimately achieve higher ranges and longer battery life.

The ball joints at both ends of LEMFÖRDER stabilizer links meet the highest demands. The high quality material selection and workmanship ensure improved joint guiding behavior, ideal sealing, minimized noise transmission and a long service life.